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Legend of Zelda: Link's Epic Quest

2008-03-14 03:03:39 by madarkwasp

Hello Newgrounds. For a while, I've been promising a Flash that just hasn't come yet. Unfortunately do to work, Smash Brothers Brawl, and a crappy sleeping schedule, It's hard to work on. It's also a little longer then I expected ,so I'll be releasing it as a 2 part Flash Cartoon. The Flashes will be released within a day of each other, so don't worry about the whole release-part1-then-wait-4-months thing! Anyhow, I'll include a quick picture for everyone to see the progress on the Flash.

Thanks for reading!

Legend of Zelda: Link's Epic Quest


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2008-04-11 21:33:06

Halo and LOZ, a great combo. I can't wait to see it.

madarkwasp responds:

Should be out soon, thanks for looking.


2008-04-15 10:31:34

the screenshot is just beautiful to look, since now we now the that the legendary series of zelda and halo are going to fight, and zelda seems to be winning (i never liked halo, so thats good news for me). i can't wait...please do it quick!!! PLEASE!!!

madarkwasp responds:

Ill try to be quick about it! Should be out soon..I hope.


2008-05-04 01:59:27

can't wait. hurry up please!


2008-05-04 16:43:56

If i were you, i would have Link scream 'THIS IS SPARTAAA' whilst stabbing that white spartan.
It will be unexpected, and will cause epic lulz to be had.


2008-08-03 12:17:18

how long about next month or so?


2008-08-05 05:00:52

Cant wait for it, keep up the great work!


2008-08-12 15:40:09

When is going to release? I canĀ“t wait :D


2009-01-17 04:11:18

FLASH 5???
Oh my


2009-08-28 23:29:53

WTF dude you still alive out there The new LoZ hasn't come out yet. PLEASE respond????????? budy!!!!


2009-11-17 10:55:56



2010-03-10 21:13:00

i wanted to ask 3 things

1 when are you going to keep up the good work and when is the next vid is going to come out?

2 u got any tips for a future flash player maker

3 how long it takes to make a flash vid

ps i love your spoofs of loz love the work